Word of mouth is a powerful way of growing your salon suite business and building your clientele! A New York Times study reported that 65% of all new business comes from referrals. Most consumers choose a service or product based on someone’s recommendation. Here are ways to grow your salon suite business with referrals.

Introductory Discount for New Clients

Provide a discount to attract new clients. Coupling the discount with exceptional service and a great client experience will leave them likely to come back and spread the word about you!

Reward Your Current Clients for Referrals

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Offer incentives for your current clients when they send you referrals. Create referral cards that you can punch as they refer new clients. Give your client a discount or complimentary service when they complete their referral card. Be sure to tailor your incentive to match your client’s preference.


Share Your Business Cards

Share your business cards with your clients and ask them to share with their friends. In “Be A $100,000 Haircutter“, Ivan Zoot suggests taking the 500 business card challenge. In the challenge, you are to give out 500 business cards in one month (18 cards per day). For example, if you are a hair stylist or barber, Zoot recommends giving your card to the best hair you see. The thought behind this is that a person who already has awesome hair doesn’t mind spending money on it. Sharing this many business cards should result in having a busy month in the month that follows.

Leverage Social Media

Post your work on social media and tag your clients. Once a client sees their photo, this may encourage them to share their photo on their social media platforms as well. Incentivize your clients when they write a review of your business. Reward them for posting a picture of the service you provided on their social media account. Reviews and social media posts provide added exposure for your beauty business.

Run a Social Media Contest to Drive Referrals

Run a contest through your social media platforms to garner new clients for your salon suite business. Award the winner with a free service or offer a significant discount on their first booked service.

Cross Refer Clients with Other Beauty Professionals

Operating your business in a salon studio with a collective of independent beauty professionals provides the perfect opportunity to cross-refer clients. Cross-referrals can be mutually beneficial for all the beauty professionals involved.

Ask Your Top Clients for Referrals

Every beauty professional has their Most Valuable Clients. Elite Beauty Society recommends asking these clients to refer their friends. Their friends are likely to have similar characteristics as them and are likely to be people you’d like to have as your clientele. Elite Beauty Society also suggests placing your VIP clients in a special referral program and offer them exclusive rewards for referrals.