One of the best parts of renting a salon suite is the freedom to retail the products you love and believe in! You’re not forced to promote a product you do not like. And you can receive all of the profit opposed to cut like in some traditional salon formats. Retailing products provides an excellent opportunity to grow your income and create happier clients! Redken reports that “the client’s ability to recreate their look at home has a direct effect on client satisfaction, retention, and referrals.” Some salon suite owners can pay their rent just in retail. Here are some tips to help you step up your retail game.

Boost Your Product Knowledge

Learn the ends and outs of products relevant to your profession. As you increase your knowledge of products, this will help you decide what brands you want to carry in your studio. Becoming more knowledgeable also aids with selling the products. Your client is entrusting their beauty needs to you and view you as the expert. If you’re an esthetician, be able to recommend products for your client’s skin regimen in between services. As a hair stylist, educate your clients on what products will help with the upkeep of their hair in between visits.

Sell Products That You Believe In

When establishing your product offerings, you should choose products that you believe in and support your brand. One thing to keep in mind is selling products that you use or would use yourself. A product you use or advocate using can make you more comfortable when selling it to your clients.

Understand Your Client’s Needs

Ask your clients about their current product regimen or see what problems they may be facing. Getting this information from your client helps you understand your client better and guides you when making recommendations. Jason Everett of High Performance Salon Academy says to be attentive to listen to the problem that your client may be having and recommend products that offer a solution to their problem.

Offer Samples To Your Clients

Everyone loves free things! Provide samples to your clients that you think will be helpful for them. This gives them an opportunity to experience the Check in on your clients to see how the product is working for them and consider offering a discount for them to purchase the product.

Presentation Is Everything

Your product display should be well-thought out and aesthetically pleasing. suggests keeping your product display clean, streamlined, and well-stocked. Consider adding signage that highlights the benefits of your available products.