Valparaiso Barber Megan Rae Maxwell

Megan Rae Maxwell is a passionate barber and business owner. She is from Knox, Indiana, a small town with a population of under 4,000 people.

She is a licensed cosmetologist of six years and became a licensed barber in September 2017. Megan trained under Terry Bean at Rated Next Barber School in LaPorte, Indiana.

Megan is very passionate about barbering. She views it as so much more than a service, but an experience. Hot towel shaves and shampoos that focus on scalp massages are her most popular services. She has shifted her services to natural healing practices, including essential oils and relaxing music. Megan considers the atmosphere that she can create for her clients is her specialty.

Megan shared that she was inspired to become a barber by her people. “My people” is what she affectionately calls her clients. She was working in a chain salon while pursuing her communication degree when she accidentally built a clientele. At the time, she was only offering haircuts, but she continued to expand, and she felt in her heart that she could provide more. After a year of meditation, Megan decided to withdrawal from college and enrolled in a Barber school; the rest is history.

ASMR Haircut and Shave

Megan received an overwhelming response when she posted her ASMR haircut video on YouTube.

Megan shared that an ASMR cut focuses on more than a haircut. It’s an art and it even brings tranquility to the viewer. She went on to say that “many are interested in this practice because watching and hearing the different cutting techniques releases stress and eases one’s mind. I’ve had viewers message me and tell me my videos have helped with insomnia.”

Before Megan is a barber or business owner, she is a dog mom. She has two pups named Lilly Mae and Hemingway. She spends most of her time with them when she is away from work. They hike, travel, visit coffee shops, read, nap, and see Lake Michigan a lot.

One interesting fact about Megan is that she is a barber with a fused spine. She has over 20 titanium pins in her back due to having scoliosis as a child.

Megan shared that iStudio Salons has been good to her in so many ways. Her favorite thing is the attention to detail and cleanliness. She went on to say that our maintenance team is on top of things and she receives ample compliments from her clients about how beautiful the salon is. She appreciates being able to run her business in a space that showcases her and her client’ worth.

Like many of us, Megan finds herself continually changing her future plans. But, her goals have always remained the same. She wants to spend her life using her gifted passion for doing a lot of good for the world. She hopes to change lives for the better one haircut and shave at a time.

For barbers and the future barbers out there, Megan left us with some great takeaways:

“Follow your heart. Simple as that. A lot of people will voice their opinions on what or how you should be doing something. Only you truly know what’s best for you. Find techniques and tools that work for you and be done with the rest. Clients will flock to a hardworking, genuine spirit. And if you can give yourself any gift, let it be patience.”

Barbering by Megan Rae Maxwell


Barbering by Megan Rae Maxwell

Barbering by Megan Rae Maxwell

How to Book with Megan:

She is by appointment only, but you can conveniently book her online. She also keeps her Facebook up-to-date with any last minute cancellations and shop updates.

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