Tasha Harvey

Valparaiso, IN – Suite #1

iStudio Salons Celebrates ‘Sensory Inclusive’ Salon 

“What I love most about owning my own salon through iStudio is the freedom and flexibility it’s allowed me to build my business around the needs of my family, instead of trying to fit the needs of my family around the needs of a company. As a wife and mother, my family has always been my #1 priority and it’s amazing to FINALLY be in a position that’s allowed me to find the perfect work/life balance that works best for us”.

Three years ago, Tasha and her family relocated from Elkhart to Valparaiso to be closer to other family members. That meant she had to rebuild her book of business from scratch – in a new place where she didn’t know anyone.

Full Time at iStudios
When she arrived, she found a salon to work in but still needed a place to do color services. That’s when she became part of the iStudios family.

Tasha’s Family

At first it was just a part-time gig in the studio, but it soon became a way of life and in September 2019 she decided to go full-time –opting to leave behind the drama and competition of a traditional salon setting. She’s now the proud owner of her own salon suite at iStudio Salons.

Doing Real Life

Tasha loves people and loves having kids around. Her studio name is “The After” and it’s all about doing real life together. She is the mom of 2 and bonus-mom to 2 more gorgeous and amazing children. Two of whom are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and one who is also on the Autism Spectrum.

Tasha has developed a special knack for working with people, especially young children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), SPD (sensory processing disorder) and other ND (Neuro Diverse) conditions.

Making Kids Comfortable

Understanding that people, especially young children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), can often find having their hair cut extremely distressing and uncomfortable, she knows how to work through the nervous feelings of hands running through the hair, or hair landing on the face or body and
the noise of scissors and clippers.

Tasha says, “My journey has been inspiring, powerful, and fulfilling. To me, this is the most exciting industry there is. I’m grateful that I get to connect and improve lives. I love what I do, and this never feels like work.”

The word has spread among parents and she regularly serves young clients with autism at her salon suite.

The iStudio Salons Family
The beauty professionals in the Valparaiso location of iStudios are Tasha’s other family. They all know each other and have a salon-type camaraderie but if they want to be alone, they have that option.

iStudio Salons made it easy for her to start out by allowing her to share a salon suite with another stylist. She says that was a great way to start but since she has grown her business so much, she’s much happier in a single suite with all the natural light that comes with big windows.

“You can imagine with four kids the salon is often my happy place.  After 16 years in the business, it’s the one place where I know I can go and predict what’s going to happen” say Tasha. “Doing real life together means talking about our world, current events and how our families, and we as individuals fit into all of it together”.

iStudio Salons
Our beauty professionals are what make iStudio Salons so special.  We have some of the best talent in the beauty and wellness profession.  This is our way to not only give some well-deserved recognition, but also allows for others to learn more about our “family”.