Master Stylist and Colorist Sameer Nurani is the owner of Sameer Salon Orlando. He specializes in haircuts, blowout styling, colors, highlights, balayage, threading, razor cuts, and weddings. He has been a stylist for nearly 25 years.
Master Stylist Sameer Nurani
Sameer was born and raised in Pune, India. While growing up in India, Sameer enjoyed seeing all the beautiful and glamorous Bollywood actresses on the big screen and in magazines. He knew from an early age that he wanted to create the same kind of beauty for every woman he knew. At the age 17, Sameer became an apprentice for celebrity stylist, Jasbir Arora in Pune. Sameer shared that “it was amazing learning from a true hair genius.”
When Sameer isn’t creating beauty, he binge-watches everything on his DVR. He creates art (he’s a frustrated painter), hangs out in the woods with his husband and their dog on the RV. He would call it camping, but says it’s not camping if you have a microwave, internet and satellite TV.
Sameer came to America in 2000 and became a United States citizen in 2015. This was his “proudest achievement.” Sameer realized his childhood dream when he came to America. He was excited to chase the American dream, someday own a salon, and go to Disneyworld.
Sameer owned Q Salon in Dr. Phillips for eight years and loved it! Someone asked to buy the salon, and it happened to be the perfect time to move to the next chapter in his life. His husband did the research and sent him pictures and information about iStudio Salons. Somewhere on a plane between Dubai and Bombay, Sameer’s fate was set at iStudio Salons Dr. Phillips.
Sameer likes iStudio Salons’ professionalism, management, the location and the support provided to the salon professionals in their studios. He went on to say, “they are there when you need them and the holiday parties are just fab! Everyone is always smiling and happy to see you even if they have had a hard day!”
Sameer Nurani's studio at iStudio Salons Dr. Phillips
Sameer has one major goal in life that has never changed – to make every day count. He continues to aspire to “be kind, enjoy the experience of life and have no regrets (and win the lottery).”
Sameer advises to “keep it simple, keep learning and have fun because this is the only life you have, so live!”
Clients can book Sameer by phone (text and talk), he prefers to talk. He likes to hear the voices of his clients. Sameer says, “hairstyling is such an intimate and personal” and he believes that conversation enhances that.

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