Salon Suite Owner Anita Leaf

From formal updos to ombres when it comes to hair, Master Stylist Anita Leaf pretty much does it all. She has worked as a hairstylist for over 32 years and has been a salon suite owner for 6 years.
Anita was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and moved to Orlando, FL at age 13. Inspired by a former co-worker, Anita transitioned from banking to study cosmetology. She attended Orlando Academy of Beauty Culture. She has been a salon employee, worked as an independent contractor, and owned a salon for ten years. In 2013, Anita launched her beauty business in iStudio Salons Waterford Lakes.
Anita has serviced her clients in Waterford Lakes for years. She contributes staying in the area to helping her build and retain her clientele. Anita says, “if clients don’t have to change the zip code, they’ll follow you.”

Independence as a Salon Suite Owner

What Anita loves most about renting a salon suite, is independence. “I come and go as I please, and I love how the company operates,” shared Anita. She enjoys maintenance taking care of any issue that may arise. As a former salon owner, having a salon suite is “a lot less stressful.” Operating her salon “became a lot more work than it was worth,” and she “didn’t enjoy her time as much.” Managing employees started to take away from her time with her clients. In a salon suite, Anita deals with herself and can offer a one-on-one experience to her clients.

Life Outside of the Salon

Anita is an animal lover through and through. She loves connecting lost dogs with their owners.
When Anita isn’t behind the chair, she likes spending time with her grandchildren. She enjoys being able to teach them and watching them grow up.
In the future, Anita plans to do hair at iStudio Salons until she retires and watch her grand babies grow up.

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