Matthew Johnson, LMT has lived in Orlando for 6 years and moved from Melbourne Beach, Florida. Been a message therapist for 15 years, and he graduated from Space Coast Health Institute. He’s located in our MetroWest location in Studio 7 at 6996 Piazza Grande Avenue.

His Influence for picking his room design and color scheme was trying to find a look and feel that was calming and relaxing. “When my clients walk into my room, I want them to feel totally tranquil and at peace”, Matthew says.

He focuses on sports massages and does more of an active massage, and focuses on one specific area. His main clientele is performers, entertainers and athletes. When asked what sets him apart from other massage therapists, “My attention to detail. When you come in and complain of certain issues or have certain needs my main focus is to really start off at that area”, he says. His specialty is how he stretches the back, the neck, the hips, and arms.

I have really liked the friendly service and staff at iStudio Salons. It has been very pleasant and reliable to a point where I didn’t even give the other ones a second look.

His goals in the next 5 years – is to have his own Wellness Complex set up for all the performers and athletes in the Central Florida area.

He’s been married for 2 years to his wife he met in high school. Has an Australian Shepherd named Coda that is 5 years old and just had a baby boy.

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You can make an appointment by calling or texting 321-749-0882. Find him on [email protected] and on Facebook: Healing Arts of Central Florida.