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Start your journey to independence by filling out our information request form here. From your initial interest in our community through your transition to independence and beyond, our dedicated management team helps you gain the stability, peace of mind, and self-confidence critical to your success as an independent business owner. We want your transition to iStudio Salons to be smooth, comfortable, and profitable.

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Move-In Incentives*
  • No Early Termination Fee w/ 60-day written notice**
  • Little-to-No Liability & Risk

How does it work? One-year license agreements have a “no early termination fee” with a 60-day written notice, so your decision to join the iStudio Salons community is an easy and less risky one. We give you the ability to walk away early in the process to eliminate any fear around what should be a very exciting and happy time for you, your family, and your career. Get started by reaching out today.

* Move-in incentives must be repaid if contract agreement is terminated prior to six-month mark.
** Early termination fees waived after Salon Professional provides 60-day written notice.

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Jason Weiss, Hair Stylist

Sunrise (Ft. Lauderdale)

“The business owners in my iStudio Salons location are like a family to me. There is no competition; we all help each other. We all have our own clientele, so we are not threatened by other stylists being here. If I get a walk-in and I am too busy to take them, I refer the person to one of the other stylists here.”

Cheryl Krolikiewicz, Hair Stylist

East Colonial (Orlando)

“After moving my business to iStudio Salons, my income increased by 20% in just one year. And I do not have to work as hard, because all the money I make from my chair goes right to me! The location is great, in a good area. My studio is comfortable and private, nice and clean.”

Dr. Phillips Orlando Nail Specialist Vanessa Polk

Vanessa Polk, Nail Technician

Dr. Phillips

“I moved to iStudio Salons almost 7 years ago because it was new concept that I liked. For the first time, all the cosmetics professionals the clients need are in one place! It’s in a great location here in Orlando. Clients are served in a nice, professional, clean, comfortable, and private environment.”

Yasmin Bleeck, Esthetician, Skin Deep

“When I moved to the iStudio Salons, my business doubled. The location and sharing space with a range of other beauty professionals make iStudio a one-stop shop here in Maitland, Florida, resulting in greater traffic and more clients for me!”

Zeus Garca, Hair Stylist


“I’m in a great location in a nice area. My studio is comfortable, private, and roomy. The facility is spacious and comfortable. iStudio Salons is a well-run operation that facilitates everything you need to support your business, from keeping the restrooms clean to marketing support and training.”

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