Groupon is an online marketplace for merchants to market their business. It also provides deals to prospective customers. Groupon has pumped more than $20 billion into local businesses. As an independent salon suite owner, this online marketplace can serve as a great tool to help you grow your beauty business. In addition, it can help new clients save on services. Here are a few helpful tips to consider if it may be a good option for your salon suite business.

Ease of Use

It’s easy to get set up with Groupon using its self-service Deal Builder or by speaking with a specialist. It’s simple for clients to buy an offer and for you to redeem the offer. You also maintain control. Additionally, you can tailor the parameters and set a cap on your offer. One of the value-adds is easy and direct access to customers who are ready to buy. Prospective clients are in an online space where they have an intention to buy.

Get Your Business Name Out There

Groupon helps to boost your online presence and to connect with potential clients. Build brand awareness by increasing your visibility. As you’re offering a discount to attract new clients, you’re also advertising your business on a high-traffic platform.

Grow Your Book of Clients

Get in front of new clients with no large upfront costs. Groupon’s technology places your offer in front of clients who are most likely to buy based on their demographics. Next, with Groupon Appointment’s you can easily fill in available spots on your schedule.

Count the Costs

Keep in mind that Groupon offers are usually at a significant discount. Also, Groupon collects a fee from your offer. Make sure to gather all the details and do the math to make sure that Groupon makes sense for you and your business.
Elite Beauty Society recommends a few best practices to follow How if you decide to use Groupon:
  • Limit discounts to new clients only.
  • Place a cap on the number of Groupon offers available.
  • Add an end date as a cut off for the offer.