Tyvon Johnson Profile

Tyvon Johnson

Company Information

Company Name: Enhance Braiding Salon

Title: Hair Braider

Service Type(s): Hair Services

Address: 6996 Piazza Grande Avenue Orlando, FL 32835

Suite Number: 24

Phone: (407) 912-9044


Box Braids
Crochet Style
Natural Hair Style
Natural Hair Shampoo and Condition

About Tyvon

For over 15 years I have helped women, men and kids, feel comfortable by providing timely professional and a friendly atmosphere. I focus on the healthiness and the protection of your hair. I service braids, twist, crochet etc.

Salon Information

  • I service braided styles in suite #24 and it is my duty to make sure you are satisfied and relaxed in my chair. I love braiding hair and all textures are welcome. If I am not in the salon suite feel free to grab a business card located out side of my suite.