Stefanie Rosenzweig Profile

Stefanie Rosenzweig

Company Information

Company Name: Kuan Yin Beauty Studio

Title: Microblading/Cosmetic Tattoos/ Makeup Artistry

Service Type(s): Other Services

Address: 2211 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32804

Suite Number: 18

Phone: 917-767-3974


Makeup Application
Airbrush Makeup
Lash Extensions Strips
Powder Brows
Combo Brows & Shading
Beauty Mark/ Freckles

About Stefanie

Stefanie Rosenzweig is a professional makeup artist (20yrs)/Cosmetic Tattoo Artist(10 yrs)/Tattoo Artist (18 yrs) resides in the Orlando, FL area originally from NYC(BK/QZS).  Her passion and interest in makeup artistry & tattooing began at an early age. She then took her passion and turned it into a career.

Stefanie has the ability to bring out the natural beauty of her subjects, no matter age or ethnicity.  As an artist and creative professional, her makeup style ranges from clean beauty to  glamour.  Stefanie is known for her incredible before and after transformations while maintaining a subject’s natural beauty.

Whether she is working with a client on there PMU procedure or doing bridal, fashion photo shoot, commercial advertisement, or on a film set, she always brings a professional demeanor and a fresh perspective.

Salon Information

Mon- Closed
Tues- 11:30am-5pm
Wed- Closed
Thursday- 11:30am-5pm
Friday- 11:30am-5pm
Saturday- (By Appointment Only)
Sundays- (By Appointment Only)