Sandra Alvarez

Company Information

Company Name: Corium Esthetics

Title: Wax and Cellulite Services

Service Type(s): Waxing Services,Skin Services,Other Services

Address: 1201 North Federal Highway Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304

Suite Number: 5

Phone: (954) 699-7988


About Sandra

I am an Esthetician since 2006, I worked at the Diplomat Country Club and Spa for 3 years, and after that at House of Wax for 5 years and at European Wax Center for 6 years as a Wax Specialist. I have an A.S as a Medical Esthetician, Licensed in Laser Hair Removal, and Body Wrapping, and a Bachelor’s in Health Service Administration. Currently, I work at Ideal Image as an Esthetician and at Corium Esthetics as Wax and Cellulite Specialist.