Linda  Knoch Profile

Linda Knoch

Company Information

Company Name: Linda Knoch

Title: Stylist

Service Type(s): Hair Services

Address: 915 South Orlando Avenue Maitland, FL 32751

Suite Number: 6

Phone: 407-421-1834


About Linda

What motivates me?  What drives me to be better at my craft?  It is not to show off or impress the other stylists in my salon,  It is not the desire to be famous, it is not so I can get up on stage and everyone knows me by my name.  What motivates me is taking care of the Person that is sitting in my chair.  I strive to give my client the best haircut they have ever had. I want to impress them with my skill set, my professionalism and my genuine care for their well being….because without clients I’m just some gal with a pair of scissors.   I have worked 35+ years in the beauty industry.  Twenty years in Bonwit Teller in New York and 16 years in Florida.  I’ve worn many hats in the Salon, and loved every one of them.