Lew Sanders Profile

Lew Sanders

Company Information

Company Name: Chop Shop 25Eighh

Title: Master Barber

Service Type(s): Hair Services,Other Services

Address: 3564 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803

Suite Number: 16

Phone: 4079558988


Men's Shampoo, Cut & Style
Men's All Over Color
Mustache and Beard Trim
Clipper Fade
Conditioning Treatment
Child’s Haircut

Salon Information

Chop Shop 25eighh is a private Barbershop Suite that also specializes in providing a different number of Styling Services. Guests who visit Chop Shop 25eighh will be able to enjoy a haircut and have an amazing customer experience. Feel free to book online and enjoy a fantastic cut, where we also offer positive vibes and a relaxing atmosphere. We are open on holidays services are double the price on Holidays.