Karweemah Thomas Profile

Karweemah Thomas

Company Information

Company Name: Skin by Karma

Title: Esthetician

Service Type(s): Waxing Services,Skin Services,Other Services

Address: 1201 North Federal Highway Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304

Suite Number: 14

Phone: (954) 366-8822


Eyebrow Shaping
Brazilian Bikini Wax
Back Waxing
Chest Waxing
Chin Wax
Full Arms Waxing
Half Arms Waxing
Hands Waxing
Underarm Waxing
Stomach Waxing
Acne Facial
Back Facial
Anti Aging Facial
Eyebrow Threading
Photoshop Facial
Eyelash Tint
Eyelash Lift
Back Wax
Face Treading (Full)
Chest Wax
Nose Wax
Ear Wax
Cheeks Wax/Threading
Chin Wax/Threading
Legs Waxing
Lip Threading
Stone (Mini) Facial
Organic Blemish Lightener Vitamin Supplement

About Karweemah

I grew up with severe acne issues and struggled with how to take care of my skin. I was unsure what skincare products to use. I tried products that I did not see results, dried out my skin, or over used home care products. Also I am age where I am maturing and aging skin becomes the next chapter with skincare. Now that I am an esthetician I have learned how to maintain breakouts and prevent pre-mature aging and reverse wrinkles. I know that skincare is more than just applying face wash. Skincare is a routine, it’s a lifestyle.

Training; Eyelash Extension, Micro Needling, Dermaplaning