Dalian Sosa Torres Profile

Dalian Sosa Torres

Company Information

Company Name: Dalian Sosa-Torres

Title: Stylist/Makeup Artist

Service Type(s): Hair Services, Other Services

Address: 12301 Lake Underhill Road Orlando, FL 32828

Suite Number: 13

Phone: 410-598-3420


About Dalian

Hey there welcome to iStudio 13 DALIFIDE SALON my name is Dalian please help me make your day a little better with a fresh new cut new style fun new color a little makeup makeover or even some extensions. I will be your hairstylist your make up artist your best friend, confidant and your therapist sit in my chair relax have some fun and look even more beautiful/handsome than when you stepped in and leave completely DALIFIDE !! thank you hope to see you soon have a great day !!


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