Why Choose Us

From the moment iStudio Salons was born, we set out to create an environment that would be the perfect place for YOU to start a business—a place where an entire community would support you, your dream, and your success.
Moreover, we wanted to create a salon experience that would be TOTALLY FREE from “salon drama” and competitive backstabbing—and to give your clients an experience that would have them talking about you all over town (with smiles on their faces). 
That said, we spent over two years talking to beauty professionals like you from all over the country—traveling, learning, and studying what worked, what didn’t work, and what we felt could be dramatically improved to raise the standard of the salon experience. And what we discovered was the “salon community” concept.
 Yes, iStudio Salons is the first salon community to hit the Orlando area—but the salon community concept has already begun revolutionizing the industry in other parts of the country. After intense travel and study, we combined our business expertise, experience, and energy and created what you can now experience for yourself at iStudio Salons.
With iStudio Salons, you have more than the opportunity to own a salon—you have the opportunity to create a client experience that’s hard to match in any “traditional” salon setting. And because our salon community is successful ONLY if each independent business owner is successful—we’ve created the ultimate place in which to pamper your clients in your unique way.
Your ability to serve your clients better at iStudio Salons directly and immediately translates in financial freedom for you—from the fact you keep 100% of your profits, to your ability to set your own prices, to your ability to sell products of your own choosing.
Plus, the elevated customer experience at iStudio Salons comes from your freedom to express yourself creatively, to set your own schedules, to make your own rules, to determine your own style, and to run your business, your way.

So what makes iStudios the best?

Beautiful design. Beauty does matter, and when you see iStudio Salons up-close-and-personal, you won’t be able to contain your smiles. Our design firm has over 30 years of retail experience and has worked with clients such as The Limited, Express and Victoria’s Secret. Our spaces are beautiful and functional, contemporary and sexy. We set out to build the most beautiful salon community in the U.S. today, and we think we’ve succeeded. Come tour our facilities and see for yourself!

Respect for the individual. At iStudio Salons, we respect your style and your customers. From male to female, from old to young, iStudio Salons is designed to impress a wide variety of your clientele.

Genuine care about your success. It’s normal to feel butterflies in your stomach when facing something unknown, and while we can’t remove the butterflies, we can certainly take away much of the unknown. See, we at iStudio Salons help many stylists become salon owners for the first time. We want your transition to be smooth, comfortable, and profitable, so we created a “Salon Success Kit” that guides you through the entire process from move-in day, to “Yes, I’ve done it!” Everything from pointing you in the right direction for tax advice, to helping with business insurance, to printing business cards, is mapped out, step-by-step, in the Salon Success Kit. Plus, we’ll continue to add and update our tools for you as your business grows—for as long as you’re a part of the iStudio Salons community.
Contract flexibility. Our one-year license agreements make your decision both easy and comfortable. Plus, if for any reason you want to walk away after only nine months, you may do so, no questions asked, as long as this is the first license agreement you’ve signed with us. We feel that having the ability to walk away early helps eliminate some of the fear surrounding what should be a very exciting and happy time for you, your family, and your career.

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