What is iStudio Salons?

iStudio Salons was created so that you, the salon professional, could be your own boss without the hassles normally associated with “traditional” salon ownership.
How? By providing everything you need to serve your clients in a private beauty oasis—which we call an iStudio—that you own and you control… and by providing a supportive, drama-free environment that lets you work side-by-side with other independent salon owners like you all under one roof.
The benefits are easy to see:

  • You literally become the owner of your own iStudio.
  • You run your iStudio according to your rules.
  • You have complete creative freedom to create the perfect client experience.
  • You create your own schedule and work your own hours.
  • You set your own prices and choose your own products.
  •  You keep 100% of your profits—and take home more money.

Think of iStudio Salons as your salon masterpiece waiting to happen. We provide the “blank canvas” in the form of a magnificent space divided into 18-30 individual “mini-salons” (called iStudios)—while you provide the artistic vision, transforming your iStudio into that special place where your unique talents are fervently embraced by your clientele.
Simply put, owning an iStudio gives you complete artistic freedom, scheduling flexibility and financial reward without the expense, headache, and risk of going out “on your own.”
Each independent iStudio has solid nine-foot walls for your ultimate privacy and security.  Within the walls of your iStudio, you’ll find your own styling chair, your own wash sink, your own locking cabinetry ensemble, and a beautiful towering full-length mirror.  (Not to mention our signature iStudio Salons interior design—gorgeous!)
Moreover, for the price of a typical booth rent, you have a stunning space that’s all your own—equipped with all of the niceties and conveniences you would expect if you owned a larger, more traditional salon (without the expense, headache, or worry).
But make no mistake: This is a far cry from a “booth rent” situation.  The moment you step inside iStudio Salons, you’ll not only see the difference—you’ll feel it, too. You’ll feel the energy, and you’ll feel the special bonds that are formed when independent beauty professionals like you are allowed to work your magic in a supportive, drama-free environment.
Best of all, your clients will take notice. Not only will they appreciate the private, personalized service they’ll receive from you, they’ll also see how happy you are in your very own space. They’ll be proud of you, and they’ll feel great about supporting you as a new salon owner. (With your key in your pocket, and your name on the door, no doubt you’ll be proud of yourself!)
Whether you specialize in hair care, nail care, skin care or massage, there’s an iStudio to fit your needs. You can choose a small single iStudio, a large single iStudio, or one of our double iStudios designed especially for two professionals working together. And with locations in Ft. Lauderdale, College Park, Maitland, Dr. Phillips, Colonial Town Center, Valparaiso, Indiana and our newest location coming soon in Waterford Lakes—we’re conveniently located to you and your clientele.
If you’re ready to learn more about the creative freedom, financial rewards, and personal flexibility that come with owning an iStudio, call us for a comfortable and totally confidential conversation about iStudio Salons.  We can’t wait to answer your questions, tell you more about the iStudio Salons community, and to schedule a private tour of what may just be...  your new salon.

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