It’s National Nail Polish Day! Nail polish has sure come a long way from its early ingredients of beeswax, egg whites and gelatin to name a few. Now nail colors and designs are infinite!

We love the use of nail polish on these lovely lacquer looks created by the talented nail specialists in our salon community.

Check out these fabulous polished nail statements!


Nail Inspiration

Classic Red Nails

Nails+Coffee @9:00am ✅ #weekendready #keepitsimple #stayclassy

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Pink Pedicure Perfection:

Green and Gold SNS Full Set

SNS full set #orlandonailtech #waterfordlakes #avalonpark #nails

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Unicorn Vibes

Nude Pink Nails

PINK #ModAboutYou#opigelpolish? @spomanails #bocaraton#

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Trendy Orange Gel-X

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