Salon suites are private, individual salons that operate in one building. Picture a salon that contains mini-salons. Salon suite concepts are one of the fastest-growing trends in the beauty industry. The popularity of salon suites is a response to salon professionals becoming independent.


Renting a salon studio is like a booth rental. But, salon studios allow salon professionals to have their own space and run their business their way.

Salon suites empower beauty professionals to run their own business without the overhead or hassles of traditional salon ownership. A stylist can jumpstart from salon employee to salon owner.

Salon suites usually contain a collective of beauty professionals including: hairstylists, barbers, skin care professionals, nail professionals, massage therapists, makeup artists, and waxing specialists. Salon suite concepts are a win-win for clientele as they can get many beauty services from one location.

iStudio Salons is a contemporary salon environment retrofitted around our salon professionals. iStudio Salons was created for salon professionals who desire to have artistic freedom, scheduling flexibility, and financial security.

We provide a beautiful salon environment with elevated amenities for salon professionals to bring their talent and clientele. Our world-class interior design, space planning, and lighting design complement and promote our stylists’ success and their clients’ experiences.

iStudio Salons Boca Raton Lobby

Within every iStudio Salons location, there is a loft-style common area, where salon professionals can greet their clients and go with them back to their studio. Salon professionals have secure 24/7 access and can decorate their studios to fit their needs and reflect their style.

iStudio Salons Salon Suite Studio

Stylists pay a weekly charge for renting a studio and have the ability to retail their own products and set their hours. Studio pricing varies based on the size of the studio (standard, large, and double) and also the location of the studio within the salon. Weekly charges include all utilities, cable, and WiFi.

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