iStudio Salons kicked off April with a salon business education class led by Ivan Zoot aka the CLIPPERGUY. Ivan Zoot is a licensed barber, cosmetologist, and certified personal trainer.

Ivan has over 30 years experience in the beauty industry and holds Guinness World haircutting records – for cutting hair the fastest in the world, for making the most haircuts within an hour and for the most professional haircuts within 24 hours!

Ivan shared great principles to help salon professionals build and grow their business. A few of these principles included:

  • Managing yourself – get up early, rest, exercise, and carve out time for vacation.
  • Deliver excellent customer service to clients – provide value to your clients. Demonstrate your gratitude for your clients by giving them a handwritten thank you note.
  • Manage your appointments – be on time, use a booking app to help manage your appointments.
  • Rebook appointments – offer to rebook for each of your clients
  • Ask for referrals – Ivan suggested giving each client two business cards and ask them to send you two friends, every time.

Ivan’s passion was contagious and our salon professionals left inspired and ready to improve and expand their business!

Each salon professional received a complimentary copy of Ivan Zoot’s Be a $100,000 Haircutter book.

To order a copy of Ivan’s book, visit his website.

Special thanks to Booksy for sponsoring this educational event for our salon professionals.