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iStudio Founders James Schregardus and Mark Abbett
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We Genuinely Care about Your Success

As cousins and business partners, Mark Abbett and James Schregardus had a long-standing dream to someday start a company that made a difference in people’s lives.  iStudio Salons represents James and Mark’s unique dream of supporting an industry they both love, and being able to provide opportunity, financial freedom and personal success to their iStudio Salons owners.

With a distinct approach focused on personal attention, quality and an open-minded work environment, Mark and James combined their unique business and entrepreneurial experiences to make iStudio Salons one the most desired opportunities in the salon industry. James also prides himself on being highly accessible and available for you to communicate your thoughts, opinions and ideas.

“Being a part of the iStudio Salons community is special for everyone – the salon professional, their clients, and especially Mark and I. We have dreamed of the moment knowing we were able to compliment one’s talents and contribute to their success and happiness.”

– James Schregardus, Partner

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