Salon Spotlight: Eddie Rivera of EGO FOR MEN Grooming

Master Barber, Eddie Rivera, is the owner of Ego for Men. He provides an one of a kind experience in Studio 10 of iStudio Salons MetroWest.

Master Barber Eddie Rivera

Eddie’s services include barbering, black mask, straight razor shaves, and facial massages. He also has a men’s grooming product line, Ego for Men. Some of the products are Pre-Shaving Oil, Artemis Post-Shave Balm, Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner, to name a few.

Eddie was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in North Philly. He has been a barber for over 12 years. Eddie studied business and went on to work in management. Inspired by his best friend to pursue barbering as a profession, he became the neighborhood barber operating in his mother’s kitchen. He studied barbering at West Chester School of Barbering.

Eddie is the proud father of two sons. When he isn’t providing barbering services, he enjoys outdoor activities – bike riding, camping, and fishing.

Eddie shared that owning a salon studio is the best thing to do when you have an established clientele. Eddie enjoys the friendliness and respect amongst his fellow beauty professionals. He’s gained clients from other stylists.

Eddie has over 28K followers on Instagram. He’s very strategic about capturing his content and when he posts it on Instagram.

  • Consistency – He posts every Wednesday after 9 p.m. to expand his reach to the West Coast audience
  • Hashtags – he includes hashtags on every post, using relevant local and barber related tags.
  • Quality Images – He photographs with a Canon DSLR and uses a chest strap to capture his close up videos. He edits his videos in Final Cut Pro.

Eddie’s consistent and quality posts has even attracted celebrity clients. Social media helped Eddie land a two-year contract with the Orlando Magic!

Eddie’s future goals include opening a barber salon suite concept.

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The Gyspy Barber Megan Rae Maxwell

Valparaiso Barber Megan Rae Maxwell

Megan Rae Maxwell is a passionate barber and business owner. She is from Knox, Indiana, a small town with a population of under 4,000 people.

She is a licensed cosmetologist of six years and became a licensed barber in September 2017. Megan trained under Terry Bean at Rated Next Barber School in LaPorte, Indiana.

Megan is very passionate about barbering. She views it as so much more than a service, but an experience. Hot towel shaves and shampoos that focus on scalp massages are her most popular services. She has shifted her services to natural healing practices, including essential oils and relaxing music. Megan considers the atmosphere that she can create for her clients is her specialty.

Megan shared that she was inspired to become a barber by her people. “My people” is what she affectionately calls her clients. She was working in a chain salon while pursuing her communication degree when she accidentally built a clientele. At the time, she was only offering haircuts, but she continued to expand, and she felt in her heart that she could provide more. After a year of meditation, Megan decided to withdrawal from college and enrolled in a Barber school; the rest is history.

ASMR Haircut and Shave

Megan received an overwhelming response when she posted her ASMR haircut video on YouTube.

Megan shared that an ASMR cut focuses on more than a haircut. It’s an art and it even brings tranquility to the viewer. She went on to say that “many are interested in this practice because watching and hearing the different cutting techniques releases stress and eases one’s mind. I’ve had viewers message me and tell me my videos have helped with insomnia.”

Before Megan is a barber or business owner, she is a dog mom. She has two pups named Lilly Mae and Hemingway. She spends most of her time with them when she is away from work. They hike, travel, visit coffee shops, read, nap, and see Lake Michigan a lot.

One interesting fact about Megan is that she is a barber with a fused spine. She has over 20 titanium pins in her back due to having scoliosis as a child.

Megan shared that iStudio Salons has been good to her in so many ways. Her favorite thing is the attention to detail and cleanliness. She went on to say that our maintenance team is on top of things and she receives ample compliments from her clients about how beautiful the salon is. She appreciates being able to run her business in a space that showcases her and her client’ worth.

Like many of us, Megan finds herself continually changing her future plans. But, her goals have always remained the same. She wants to spend her life using her gifted passion for doing a lot of good for the world. She hopes to change lives for the better one haircut and shave at a time.

For barbers and the future barbers out there, Megan left us with some great takeaways:

“Follow your heart. Simple as that. A lot of people will voice their opinions on what or how you should be doing something. Only you truly know what’s best for you. Find techniques and tools that work for you and be done with the rest. Clients will flock to a hardworking, genuine spirit. And if you can give yourself any gift, let it be patience.”

Barbering by Megan Rae Maxwell


Barbering by Megan Rae Maxwell

Barbering by Megan Rae Maxwell

How to Book with Megan:

She is by appointment only, but you can conveniently book her online. She also keeps her Facebook up-to-date with any last minute cancellations and shop updates.

Appointments available at or

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Instagram: thegypsybarber
Facebook: Barbering by Megan Rae Maxwell

Salon Spotlight: Sameer Salon Orlando

Master Stylist and Colorist Sameer Nurani is the owner of Sameer Salon Orlando. He specializes in haircuts, blowout styling, colors, highlights, balayage, threading, razor cuts, and weddings. He has been a stylist for nearly 25 years.
Master Stylist Sameer Nurani
Sameer was born and raised in Pune, India. While growing up in India, Sameer enjoyed seeing all the beautiful and glamorous Bollywood actresses on the big screen and in magazines. He knew from an early age that he wanted to create the same kind of beauty for every woman he knew. At the age 17, Sameer became an apprentice for celebrity stylist, Jasbir Arora in Pune. Sameer shared that “it was amazing learning from a true hair genius.”

Salon Spotlight: Tres’ Belle Beauty Bar & Spa

Medical Esthetician, Myah Wilcher, is the proud owner of Tres’ Belle Beauty Bar & Spa. “Tres’ Belle” is French for very beautiful. Myah’s mother is French. She wanted her business name to reflect her beautiful mother’s heart and spirit. She is also passionate about making “very beautiful” skin.

Myah Wilcher of Tres' Belle Beauty Bar & Spa

Myah holds over 11 years of experience in dermatology and aesthetics. She is from Oakland, California and has resided in Florida for four years.

Working for University of Oklahoma Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Pamela Allen inspired Myah to care for skin. She worked as her medical assistant and received certifications to operate the dermatology clinic.

Tres’ Belle Beauty Bar & Spa offers a variety of skincare service offerings. Some of the specialties include:

Acne Facials

Acne facials are a full face deep extraction and properly cleans and tones the skin. A high-frequency blue light reduces inflammation and bacteria. This method minimizes the reoccurrence of acne.


Microneedling is collagen induction therapy for scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, large pores, melasma. This treatment reduces the appearance of the marks on the skin.

Eyebrow Shaping

Consists of a dermaplaning technique to enhance the natural arch of the eyebrow.

Myah has always had the heart to serve others, and that will never change. For the past seven years, Myah has served our country in the United States Air Force Reserves. She works in logistics and is in charge of moving parts – shipping and receiving. She even drives semi-trucks and forklifts. Myah said, “I am very proud to put on my uniform, it means a lot to serve our country. I joined because I really wanted to serve our country.”

In Myah’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her “world” – her three children who are ages 19, 18, and 5. She also enjoys attending lacrosse games, going to the park, and Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Myah loves iStudio Salons salon suite concept. She enjoys the independence of owning [her] own business without the overhead.” She also loves the camaraderie with the other salon professionals. She says between clients. She’s able to refer her clients to other salon professionals since it’s a “one-stop shop.”

In the future, Myah aspires to have a larger medical spa. She also wants to teach skin care in corporate environments on a part-time basis.

Myah’s advice for future estheticians is to learn the ends and outs to the skin. Also, know the “why” to everything you are doing. Myah shared, “if you know how and why you’re treating acne, you will be more successful.”

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Salon Spotlight: Lavish Hair N’ Makeup Studio

Boca Raton Hair Stylist Alejandra Umana

Stylist Alejandra Umana is the owner of Lavish Hair N’ Makeup Studio. She is located in Studio 23 of iStudio Salons Boca Raton. Alejandra specializes in color, hair cutting, and makeup application.

She was born in Cali, Colombia. She moved to the United States when she was 5 and grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Once Alejandra noticed the drive that others saw in her, she was inspired to become a hair stylist and makeup artist. She started out in a hair salon where she gained hands-on experience for three years. She completed school in July 2017 and opened her studio in September 2017.

When Alejandra is not behind the chair or doing makeup, she loves to binge watch on Netflix. She also likes to invest in her craft by watching new hair and makeup technique tutorials for hours at a time.
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Salon Spotlight: Master Stylist Stephen Dietz

Master Stylist and Hairapist Stephen Dietz holds over 30 years experience in the beauty industry. His specialties include coloring, flat ironing, multi-textural hair, highlighting, balayage, ombre, vivids and precision cutting.

Dietz is from a small town outside of Charlotte, NC and he moved to Florida in 1986.

Hair was not Dietz’s first choice. He started out as an architecture major and “partied his way out of school”. He worked for Lockheed Martin for almost a year. He later decided to start hair school and disliked his first year. Dietz questioned his career, and then he realized that he could make people feel good about themselves. He prides himself on having the ability to give a lift of self-esteem that his clients get from no other realm in their life.

During his career, he has worked as an educator with prominent salon products including Kadus, Keune, Schwarzkopf to name a few.

Dietz enjoys the privacy, exclusivity, and quietness of his iStudio Salons salon suite. He also likes the friendly people in his salon environment and enjoys his ideal location as it is close to Downtown Orlando.

Dietz has reached his career goal, but feels there’s always room for growth. He continues to educate himself and eventually plans to retire.

When he’s not behind the chair, he enjoys traveling, spending time with his partner and dog.

Dietz is well traveled and shares that he has a twisted perspective on life and laughs at everything. He’s a wine fanatic and a tech junkie.

His advice for other salon professionals is “don’t be scared to try something different, educate yourself as much as possible because no one can take it from you, and lastly break the rules.”

Stephen Dietz is located in College Park Studio 1.

To book an appointment, schedule via Vagaro.

Meet Orlando Barber Berman of Roc’s Barber Shop

Master Barber Berman Rodriguez, owner of Roc’s Barber Shop, has been a barber for over 11 years. He provides hair cutting services and facials.

He was first inspired to cut hair when he started seeing this 15-year-old kid cutting hair from his grandmother’s garage. He would notice a lot of people receive haircuts from him. Berman studied barbering at Florida Technical College in Kissimmee formerly Central Florida College.

Rodriguez hails from “Brick City” also known as Newark, New Jersey. He moved to Florida around age 11. When he is not behind the chair, he enjoys spending quality time with his four children.

One unique thing about Berman is that he used to be a rapper. He also holds a great lease on life. He manages to maintain a smile in the midst of whatever may be going on in his life.

Rodriguez’s favorite thing about being a salon suite owner at iStudio Salons is having privacy and the opportunity to learn from other salon professionals in the community.

In the future, Rodriguez plans to continue to strive for creativity and to continue to grow as a hair artist. He wants to study cosmetology to expand his service offerings into women’s hair. One of his constant goals is to strive to be better not for perfection.

Rodriguez advises other salon professionals to be persistent and take the time to hone in on their craft.

Berman Rodriguez is located in Studio 10 of iStudio Salons’ Colonial Town Center.

Visit here for online booking.

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iStudio Salons Spotlight: Kendall Johnson

Master Stylist Kendall Johnson roots started in the small town of Hope, Arkansas, the birthplace of former U.S. President Bill Clinton. She relocated to Orlando from Texas two years ago. Kendall quickly built her Central Florida clientele by utilizing Instagram. Kendall caters her services to professional women including doctors, professors, and entrepreneurs.

Kendall has been a hair stylist for 17 years. She obtained her cosmetology license from Career Academy Cosmetology School in Texas. Her specialties include custom cuts, color, and healthy hair growth.
Kendall is quite the entrepreneur, aside from being a hair stylist, she is the author of two books – I Am Not My Circumstance and How to Become a Success Magnet and a motivational speaker.
Kendall aspires to move beyond behind the chair and to be a full-time motivational speaker. She wants to inspire other salon professionals to walk in integrity.
The vibrancy and openness attracted Kendall to iStudio Salons.  She says the suites are spacious and you’re “free to do what you want with your business without being micromanaged.” She’s owned three salons in the past and can enjoy her studio without the stress and overhead expense of a traditional salon.
When Kendall isn’t behind the chair, she enjoys interior decorating and fashion blogging.

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*Stylist Tip from Master Stylist Kendall Johnson:
Know your target market, know your client avatar, know exactly who you are talking to, their characteristics, this will eliminate the fluff and inconsistencies.

iStudio Salons Spotlight: Rebekah Puroll

Master Stylist Rebekah Puroll has always had a knack for being creative. The Orlando, Florida native discovered her affinity for hair in high school as she worked at theme parks as a face painter. Her canvas expanded from faces into hair as she practiced vintage styling and punk rock inspired hairstyles.

Rebekah studied cosmetology at Westside Tech in Winter Garden. She has been a stylist for eight years. She specializes in color, fashion color, balayage, and vintage hair styling.

Rebekah’s unique style shines through in Studio 5 of iStudio Salons College Park. Her retro inspired salon space incorporates mint, teal, and gray colors along with ornate mirrors, frames, vintage hair dryers and prints.

Rebekah enjoys having the ability to share her personality and style with her clients. iStudio Salons enables her to connect more with her clients on a one-to-one basis within a salon environment.

When Rebekah isn’t in the studio, she enjoys traveling with her husband, antiquing and refurbishing furniture. Some of her future goals include traveling to do hair and branching out into other parts of the hair industry.

Find more of Rebekah’s work on Instagram: @beauty_by_bekah

Click here to book with Rebekah!

*Stylist Tip from Master Stylist Rebekah Puroll:

When blow drying your hair at home, make sure you use the concentration attachment and direct the heat vertically from the top of your head down to the ends of your hair to avoid frizz and damage. And always use a heat protectant before blow drying.

Matthew Johnson LMT at MetroWest iStudio Salons

Matthew Johnson, LMT has lived in Orlando for 6 years and moved from Melbourne Beach, Florida. Been a message therapist for 15 years, and he graduated from Space Coast Health Institute. He’s located in our MetroWest location in Studio 7 at 6996 Piazza Grande Avenue.

His Influence for picking his room design and color scheme was trying to find a look and feel that was calming and relaxing. “When my clients walk into my room, I want them to feel totally tranquil and at peace”, Matthew says.

He focuses on sports massages and does more of an active massage, and focuses on one specific area. His main clientele is performers, entertainers and athletes. When asked what sets him apart from other massage therapists, “My attention to detail. When you come in and complain of certain issues or have certain needs my main focus is to really start off at that area”, he says. His specialty is how he stretches the back, the neck, the hips, and arms.

I have really liked the friendly service and staff at iStudio Salons. It has been very pleasant and reliable to a point where I didn’t even give the other ones a second look.

His goals in the next 5 years – is to have his own Wellness Complex set up for all the performers and athletes in the Central Florida area.

He’s been married for 2 years to his wife he met in high school. Has an Australian Shepherd named Coda that is 5 years old and just had a baby boy.

Mention this Facebook ad and receive a free Biofreeze treatment with hot towels.

You can make an appointment by calling or texting 321-749-0882. Find him on [email protected] and on Facebook: Healing Arts of Central Florida.

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